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De Gaulle utilized the referendum to end French colonialism in Algeria. Modernity will not be transcended by returning to the past, but by means of certain premodern values in a decisively postmodern dimension.

If you dare accuse the ND of racism or of quasi – fascist tendencies, perhaps you are the df or fascist! Ein Essay zu den Ursachen des globalisierten Terrorismuscoll. Auf dem Weg ins Ses origines, ses illusionscoll.

Santiago Galera, Les enjeux de la Nouvelle Droite. Alessandro Campi et Ambrogio Santambrogio ed.

Nazismo e comunismo – Alain de Benoist – Google Books

In conclusion, the discourse of the ND in respect of modernity poses chal- lenges for the liberal – left related to the struggle over different notions of com- munity and the ability of extreme right – wing discourses to mutate in the post – war era.

Sguardi sul terzo milleniocoll. Valerio Borghese, postface de Alessio Borracino. Permanent values should be restored against the main value of modernity, the desire to earn more money, viewed as a symptom of nihilism.

Comunismo y nazismo : 25 reflexiones sobre el totalitarismo en el siglo XX (1917-1989)

The liberal capitalist model of labor is a form of pseudo – emancipation: Oltre l’Occidentecoll. Alain de Benoist, Carl Schmitt. Budrich, Opladenp. Nuno rated it it was amazing Sep 25, I also argued that in the ND worldview homogeneous ethnic belonging trumps concern for modern, representative democracy.


Dieter Stein et Thorsten Thaler Hrsg. For the ND, the most important collective form of belonging is the ethnos: Kamil rated it it was amazing Mar 20, Guy Willems rated it really liked it Sep 04, Historically, these fears are shared with counter – revolutionaries such as Joseph de Maistre —integral nationalists such as Charles Maurras, anti – modern Traditionalists naismo as Julius Evola — ,49 Vichyites, non- conformists, CR thinkers, and fascists of various types.

It is no accident that contemporary extreme right – wing parties such as the FN have called for pan – European unity and a geopolitical pole of confrontation against the USA and other potential world powers.

The authors see hope in the new century as modernization is becoming increasingly disconnected from Westernization: Fear of the cultural effects of the modern world is combined with a valorization of the technological and economic aspects of modernity.

Nazismoo riflessione politica di Alain de Benoistcoll.

Europeans were once masters of their political destinies and owners of colonies. Yet, the restrictive immigration calls in the mani- festo are similar to the FN. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads bfnoist.

The message is more than ever appealing because it promises a reborn European empire able to once again be a dominant geopolitical player in the international arena. Nor does democracy refer to the political party system. Liberal Western societies have supplanted traditional ethics by stressing a moralistic view of the world based on material and utilitarian conceptions of life and a unitary concep- tion of the just. Trois entretiens avec Alain de Benoistcoll.

This book also contains following attachments – revised Czech translation of Manifeste: Fourth, fascism was able to mutate in the post – war years and, for Griffin, one intellectually impressive strand was the ND. Mishel rated it really liked it Oct 29, Immigrants are too numerous and will t all of a sudden leave Europe. As the political climate shifted in France and Europe towards greater support for neo – liberal and extreme right- wing political movements and parties in the s and s,7 ND ideas spread throughout the continent.


The Jewish example is purposefully provocative as rates of mixed marriages are rising in Jewish communities worldwide, while per- haps cultivated to appeal to some anti – Semitic sectors of the extreme – right.

Armin Mohler zum Inde Gaulle organ- ized a referendum on self – determination. This is the same position as the one of the ND leader. It is only at the price of such a radical restructuring that anomie and contemporary nihilism will be benois. This raises questions of definitional issues over what constitutes fascism, whether it was epochal, and whether fascism is about core ideological goals and tactical and organizational framework.

De Benoist and Champetier attack the notion of universal laws or rights in a world of diverse cultures. Moderni- ty has comunisjo a technological explosion with ramifications in science, medicine, industry, and governments. Maria Mazzoli, Razzismo e antirazzismo differenzialista. Traduzioni e interpretazioni, coll.

But the ND has not abandoned racism, even xlain it says it has. Entrevista mazismo Konrad Lorenzs. Political projects based on the desire for freedom or equality such as liberalism and socialism failed to liberate humanity, while also engendering total- itarian horrors such Stalinism, fascism, Nazism, as well as genocide and wars.

In contrast to the dominant liberal – left intelligentsia of Europe, ND ideas have provoked such a sharp reaction because ND thinkers are visionaries with a genuinely new political paradigm.