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PDF | Agave cupreata Trel. & Berger is an endemic plant naturally distributed in the Balsas Depression, a semiarid region in the states of Guerrero and. Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey. Agave cupreata. Agave cupreata by palmbob · Thumbnail #2 of Agave cupreata by palmbob. Agave cupreata Trel. & Berger is an endemic plant naturally distributed in the Balsas Depression, a semiarid region in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán in .

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In general, high levels of expected heterozygosity H e were observed, and high genetic differentiation among populations F ST or G ST in one case, and medium to low in most cases, has been documented: Real Minero Largo 9 reviews.

System C Stuber et al. Although such actions are an encouraging start, a more sophisticated management program is required which should combine a sustainable harvesting with a biological conservation program to protect the genetic variation of A.

Agavaceae, population genetics, minimum viable effective population size. Nei M The theory of genetic distance and evolution of human races.

Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey

The groups of individual plants represented by the samples are termed populations while the location where a population was collected is called provenance. A total of 9 loci were analyzed. Three anonymous reviewers contributed to significantly improve the manuscript.


The extracts were adsorbed in Whatman No. North Carolina State University. Starch gel electrophoresis and staining protocols were conducted following standard methods Conkle et al.

Harvesting prevents the species reproduction because A. Millar C I, W J Libby Strategies for conserving clinal, ecotypic, and disjunct population diversity in widespread species.

In general, for conservation of genetic variability the suggested N e sizes range between Franklin, ; Frankham et al. Mezonte Jalisco 1 review. A windows program for the analysis of allozyme and molecular population genetic data.

Franco from British Columbia. Union Uno 15 reviews. First International Conference on Sustainable Cities. Full Sun Summer Dry: It is a nice garden plant and is suitable for container gardening. The specific epithet comes from the Latin word ‘cupre’ meaning “copper” in reference to the copper colored spines of this species.

The predicted decoupling between genotypes and climate due to factual climatic change could be diminished if new commercial plantations are established at altitudes higher than those of present populations, in order to match genotypes fitness to predicted future climates.

Agave cupreata – Wikipedia

United States Forest Service. This description is based on our research and observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery, in the nursery garden and cuprfata other gardens that we have visited.


Such differentiation is lower than the values reported for other Agave species: This plant has been aptly described as looking like a larger green Agave colorata or a smaller Agave bovicornuta. Sections of fresh, young leaves were crushed into 0.

Informe final de proyecto. Thus, this outcrossing system apparently plays a relevant role to prevent the accumulation of inbreeding, even when the population sizes are reduced. Tio Pesca Coyote Not yet reviewed.

Ilegal Joven 13 reviews. Thus, in order to designate A.

There is not significant isolation by distance. Plant in full sun in a well-drained soil. A Mantel test Cupreta, was performed between genetic and geographic distances. Their populations are heavily decimated because mature individuals just before their single life flowering period are harvested to produce mescal, an alcoholic beverage.

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Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey Agave cupreata

Del Maguey Chichicapa 25 reviews. Why and how should genes be conserved? Franklin I R Evolutionary change in small populations. Genetic diversity of Agave cupreata Trel.