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ABDULLAH TUKAY’IN ŞİİRLERİNDE JAPONYA (Japan in the Poems of Abdullah Tukay). Ali Merthan Dundar. Uploaded by. Ali Merthan Dundar. Download with. Abdullah Tukay’ın şiirleri: Inceleme, metin, aktarma (Seri IV) (Turkish Edition) [ Gabdulla Tukaĭ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abdullah Tukay is one of the most famous poets of modern Tatar literature. In the Soviet Union anyone with any interest in Tatar literature knows or must have.

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Those who demonstrated their devotion to Islam and proved the quality of the goods swearing on Allah carried on trade very well.

The modern art of Tatarstan is developing in different directions. What was Kazan like? Some of his respectable poems were even published in the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War In those years Tuqay became staunch leftist, despite of his staying with one bourgeois family for some time: Abxullah lack of arable lands became a real scourge for people. In the Tukay Bulletin, which was published in andand in another Tatar publication, Kazan [16], which came out between andmany poems by Tukay and articles about him appeared.

Her art takes its roots in the Tatar embroidery and art of calligraphy. Shopbop Designer Fashion Abdullxh. Following his early series of illustrations, the artist showed the characters of this fairy tale in easel aquarelle paintings.

They adbullah laconic, grotesque and symbolic. The composition of the work is filled with an intricate ornamental rhythm. Writers go to Kyrlay, Arsk, Tukaevsky district to take part in literary meetings with people. The white background, upon which the golden orange and emerald-green spots are gliding, also plays an active role.


You had tukayy back to Him until now, now follow his command! The things you forbid are utterly rejectful and defective, I say.

Thus, Tuqay adopted Oriental poetic tradition. Folk Literaturewrote thirty feuilletons and printed twenty books, not only with own poems, but also compiled of folk songs.

Using the minimum of colour means, the artist still manages to achieve a complex figurativeness, The generous richness of the figurative world of Abdullan Tukay and the captivating wealth of the energetic and melodic style are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for masters of art. These verses are filled with a touching feeling of love for nature and children. The abdulalh sounding of metal underlines the austerity, beauty and elegance of a diverse architecture of Kazan.

In Harbin Chinafor example, a booklet on Tukay was published in [11].

Ğabdulla Tuqay – Wikipedia

Zhukovsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy became mentors of the Tatar poet Tukay. Tukay laid emphasis on the Tatar Theatre making. In summer he published his last book, The Mental Foodwhere 43 verses and one poem were collected.

On April 26 14Gabdulla Tukay, the future poet, was born in the family of mullah Mukhammetgarif in Kushlavych. The name of Tukay means a whole epoch in the intellectual development of the Tatar people, its literature, art and the whole culture making. Velieva, Gabdulla Tukaynin edebi-memorial muzei Gabdulla Tukay’s literary-memorial museum Kazan, p. The main target of his jeers was Muslim clergy, who stayed opposed to progress and Europeanization. Fairy tales and poems of Tukay were illustrated by many well-known graphic artists.


In first days of he wrote The Frosta witty poem depicting how Kazaners of different social classes behave during frost. It is interesting that among all aims, existed in the creative work, Tukay singled out two principal ones: It was the first time people poured to Mayevka not hiding out from the police.

Very original is the art of A. The entire figural world in works created by Aminov is woven of planes glistening with gems and silver filigree, and possessing an inner flexibility of vibrating spots.

Strenuous supporters of the old politics exclaimed among all of them. For Tesir InfluenceVol. Tall spruces reached the sky, and it seemed Shurale watched them somewhere from the thick. You are the crumb of an angel; your face is pure white!

He was always busy with his work in Kazan: Firstly, he went to Ufa, then to St. In the cooperation with G.

Ğabdulla Tuqay

By that time abdhllah boy had been imbued with rural life, its endless works and poetry. Basnmakov creates original compositions of metal using the technique of hammer-work.

That time liberal Fiker and Tuqay himself was in confrontation with Qadimist, i.