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The Essene mirrors are constantly letting us know what we are Mirror #7: The mirror of your self-concept both conscious and subconscious. Mirrors. Topic: Mirrors. We‟ve all been exposed to the fact or accused of “ mirroring” It goes way back to the Essene Tests – and is called the Seven Essene. It goes way back to the Essene Tests – and is called the Seven Essene Mysteries of Self. By understanding what they are, life and life‟s.

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It is something we ourselves are doing or where we ourselves have been in error or wounded. The notion was that if you find yourself around individuals who are angry or dishonest, they are showing you your dishonesty or anger.

They are thought paradigms and energy that has permeated every conscious molecule in our physical and spiritual bodies. In other words, they have a right to do exactly what they want… BUT you have a right not to react to it. If we mirrlrs a low self-esteem and do not acknowledge our wisdom and beauty, others will not acknowledge them. HOME A journey into a world of transformation…. We can not ignore the role of relationships which we live each present moment. The second mirror is all about allowing within another the possibility of thought action and feeling that you do not allow within yourself.

We Keep Choosing Us: Seven Essene Mirrors

Others will perceive and treatus according to how we perceive and treat ourselves. De Los Cielos Ayahuasca. Do you believe in my Father? The seven mirrors are progressively more and more subtle. Don’t get stuck with the first mirror, which can be a reflection of something about you that you’d rather forget.


Email or Phone Esswne Forgot account? These are important values- honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, compassion, etc. It is our choice to immerse in darkness or muster the will to find the Light. We need your help to maintenance this website. Look at these as reflective mirrors that is calling our attention. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Power of thought, feeling and emotion will make us more than Christ as He predicted.

There is a balance in life- trust yourself, you have learned your lessons. Think about why you live your life the way you do, and how you essne it. Asceticism was a central trait.

Expression without suppression,denial and insecurity also helps others to evolve by giving them the information theyneed to go forward.

7 Essene Mirrors

If we have the wisdom to recognize those mirrors, we may accelerate the evolution of emotion and understanding. Report “7 Essene Mirrors”. We jirrors making an effort to gather the tools and understanding in life to confront them. Yes, it is possible to get to that place of non-judgment. Woman born with leprosy. If we judge and condemn with an emotional charge,we will attract exactly what we judge into our lives.

This is tremendously powerful and very subtle. Is it possible that inviting you to this world lives an unspoken responsibility that those who raise us are surrogates, they are the closest thing we know in our Mirors Creator.

It is known as The Mirror of the Moment. What the Essenes said was that through and with our relationships, we get to know and master ourselves in this world. It is something we have an emotional charge with, something we have either been wounded by in the past and have not forgiven.

This mirroring principle has helped me a lot so I ve copied it here: Mama and Writer First Mama.


The thoughts that I am about to share with you have been swimming around in my head and my heart now for a little over week. The Seven Essene mirrors is a way of understanding how this process works.

Take the time necessary to healyourselfofanywounds,traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. It is something we have an emotional charge with, something we have either been wounded by in the past and have not forgiven. This could be a way of life, a lost or unfinished relationship. Through missing out on being myself, I was missing out on life. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

If you did not have a mom or dad, put down your childhood caretakers. Quintessence International Bulgaria City. If we truly desire a sacred relationship we must first take full responsibility for our ownattitudes, emotions and actions.

The 7 Essene Mirrors | HOME

Do you believe in me? The Chaser Game Video Game. We all go through fear, worry, insecurities about our decisions, who we are, our ability to sustain ourselves, self-confidence, projections, judgements both about ourselves and the happenings in the world around us. These are the pain, fears, doubts that is part of life. It could be joy, innocence, honesty, integrity,respect, courage or love. It is often said we mirrord our father or mother.

We manifest and magnetize people and events into our lives according to our consciousness.