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The 2N, 2N, and 2N are silicon transistors in a TO66 type package designed for high- speed switching and linear amplifier applications for . Manufacturer Part No: 2N Newark Part No.: 58R Also Known As: GTIN UPC EAN: Technical Datasheet: 2N Datasheet. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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If the current is mA randomly high but believable value then the power dissipated is 8 watts.

I was in construction all my life and I missed out on this electronic stuff. Can’t beat the price. I should take a formal class some day. Next i understood how to test and figure out when all the different types of components are bad. Based on what I have seen on 2j3584 newsgroups and on pinside – there are quite a few electronics type people datasheft This power is dissipated as heat. Great to see you’re enjoying Pinside!

Modern and still made replacement for the TO transistor would be a BUX85 at less than a buck apiece. As 2N’s get scarce only Central Semi making them now at greatly elevated prices. Since you have not changed the heat sink then the overall temperature should be nearly identical to that of a 2N Probably the one I didn’t replace was also bad.

I have sent out probably 20 driver board using a BUX84 as the HV transistor over the last year or two. This page was optimised for printing. Replaced the 2n with the rest of the HV Regulator components. Unless I’m missing something major, it looks like this transistor is neither difficult to find nor expensive: Certain page elements may have been deliberately hidden. Anything i make on pinball boards funds my next pinball purchase. Only sure way to test is out of circuit.


For current problem — time to retest all three transistors. Yep — BUX85’s on this page: The BUX85 seems to be a viable alternative using method shown above.

2N Datasheet(PDF) – Microsemi Corporation

The Flintstones Pinball – Sound Rom. Genie Coin Shooter Rod. Voila, a nice steady V. But turn that V down to save your Plasma tubes. Please donate to Pinside, support the site and get a eatasheet to your username to show for it! Heat in this setup is very minimal. BUX84 is another good part number. I bought a bunch of corroded trashed pinball machines and forced myself to learn so i could fix my games. It doesn’t run any cooler than the original design which also really didnt warm at all. Thanks for coming up with ways to keep these old machines going.

I got a few 2n33584 my games with them too.

2N3584 Datasheet PDF

Unless I’m missing something major, it looks vatasheet this transistor is neither difficult to find nor expensive:.

Here is how you can mount a TO package transistor with minimal modification. I probably could have used a different heat sink but I wanted to keep it looking factory as possible.


I have seen some transistor have an insulated tab which makes mounting more difficult, so check specifications. Tons of miscellaneous jobs as well.

2N3584 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

That is valid part number at a good price. Now i fix pinball boards to pay for my hobby. TZ Piano Hole Lights.

Super Skill Shot Shop. Hey, would this be a good addition to pinwiki? Well, with out the heat sink it may get too hot. The lower you can go, the better. A datahseet of that stuff rolls over nicely into pinball and arcade electronics which is mostly generic stuff.

2N Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

Yes, but the center lead – collector, will have to be folded up, solder a wire to the center lead and then attached the other end of the wire to the the tab mounting screw to provide circuit continuity for the collector.

But most of their current is determined by biasing resistors. First i mastered using a soldering iron. Thanks for all you guys do here. Being able to put components going in and out.

My HV section went on my lost world and didn’t have any 2n on hand.