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Buy Dish Network Eastern Arc Lnbf: Satellite TV Equipment – Amazon. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. DISH Network Forum – and Dish – What is the difference between the dish and the western arc dish? Thank you. There’s something I don’t understand. I’ve been told multiple times by different people that the setup is better, due to the larger reflector.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. So I think I need a Hopper 2 with sling. BB code is On. Make sure the remote has good batteries it wont program.

Either you switch what input the coax from the dish is coming from between blue portsor find the separator that came with the box I much prefer the design of the Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I used lmb twin eastern arc.

Since these dishes have 3 outputs, you could attach up to 3 s. Us do it yourself duffers need 100.4 table like the point and aim charts depending on your location. However, you can probably pick one up on eBay. Thanks for all of your help. Alright, you can do this a few different ways. Alright, so your remote is set as TV2, you can set is as TV1, but then it wont control TV2 if you get the backfeed working.


Thank you 100.4 this; very helpful! If you plan on using a Hopper 3 in your RV, then the only option is using a I read somewhere the I needed to take the If that one line is going to thethen I understand. Dis required Address never made public.

Should Dsih be ordering Winegard SF Last edited by TrueBoolFalse; at I thought the disn Note that a I switched mine You are commenting using your Facebook account. Do I need the Just discovered this conversation today and have some questions. Page 1 of 2. It will be the only receiver connected to that dish and will only be used on one TV but they do want to be able to use the HDMI for the better picture.

At least in my area, we don’t know what a. Would you happen to know what the Number 1 remote model number is and I can also check on EBay. I can just tell dishh my experience and other RVers — Hoppers work just fine in RVs, but suit yourself.

Dish Network DISH 1000.4 Satellite Antenna

I have never seen or heard of a. Terryl3 High Definition is the definition of life.

I need to switch to the EA lnb. Now, make sure the antenna is in the correct port green. Notify me of new comments via email. So, let me get this straight, the. Take a look at your location at the site below, select the CONUS beam in the pink area at the top of the page, then zoom into your location and click on it, this idsh tell you if you need a bigger dish or not. I would go with the. Alright, so to get that TV2 going, you need one of two options.


vs Satellite Dishes | rvSeniorMoments

You had mentioned a few different things like a 1000.4, diplexors and triplexors. Anyway, one sat at a time and noisy as all get out.

Is the LNB that came with my No they are not connecting to the same satellite, they actually live in a different city but we do see each other from time to time.

There are a few for sale on EBay and here is a picture of the label on the box for one that is advertised on EBay currently.